Six ways slow stitching helps you relax

Slow stitching helps you relax and be present in the moment. Read on to discover how slow stitching, otherwise known as resilient stitching or meditative stitching can help you wind down after a stressful day. Slow stitching is the process of creating artwork from fabric cuts and textures. Unlike the process of mending or creating clothing, slow stitching is about hand stitching as art itself.… Read More »Six ways slow stitching helps you relax

Handmade product information.

High quality biodegradable Cellulose sponges.  The sponges I use are made from cotton, wood pulp & flax, from abundant and renewable natural materials, made in the UK.  They can absorb, and retain, up to 10 times their dry weight in water.They can be used again and again.  Provided cellulose sponges are treated properly they can last indefinitely. They are fully biodegradable once disposed of, which… Read More »Handmade product information.