Sea glass and Silver Rings.


Beautiful silver rings with sea glass found on the Mersea Island coast.

After collecting sea glass from many wanderings along the beautiful Mersea Island coast, I’d always kept them in a little trinket box as although they were pretty, I wasn’t sure what to do with them.

I made some into rings by electroforming (on another listing). Then I decided to make some with silver. The glass is all naturally shaped by the sea. On some of them I did a little grinding to enhance the natural shape, for example on the heart notches.

A selection of .925 and .999 silver was used. Some of the rings are slightly adjustable and some are fixed sizes. SeeĀ individual listings for sizes, etc.

If you are unsure of your ring size, measure a comfortable fitting ring straight across the middle of the ring bit from the inside edges, to find the diameter. (See image A). This will help determine which size you need. All my rings have diameter measurements as well as UK standard ring sizing. A mm here and there is usually still comfortable to wear.

Actual colours may vary very slightly from images. All images are as near to true representation as I can get.


Mersea Island sea glass and silver.Rings

Big Oval, Large Heart, Large Moon, Long Oval, Medium Moon, Medium Natural, Medium natural oval, Medium Oval, Medium Oval 2, Medium wide oval, Small Blue, Small Yellow


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