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Mini slow stitching kit.

Create your own piece of textile art while stitching your way to moments of mindfulness and relaxation.

Embrace the art of slow stitching, a relaxing pastime at the end of which you will have created a piece of beautiful personal hand crafted art.

This kit includes some beautiful silk, embroidered or beaded sari pieces. (various)

I am a fabric forager and as such have been collecting fabrics, buttons, threads, trims and other haberdashery and beautiful goodies for many years. I’ve created these lovely kits from selections of those pieces, which include new, genuine vintage and up-cycled items, plus all you need to make a delightful textile art piece. (scissors will be required)
Every kit is unique and may differ very slightly from images (due to cuts of fabric, availabilty of buttons, beads, lace etc) but in each theme, one is just as lovely as the other. Some kits contain motifs and worded sentiments designed and printed by me. (These may also vary between kits)

Kit contains:
1 base piece. 100% cotton calico.
Selection of new, vintage and repurposed fabric pieces plus decorative items.
Main sewing thread – white.
2 lengths of co-ordinating embroidery thread.
Tacking thread.
1 Beading needle. (small)
1 Sewing needle. (large)

Basic instructions.

Order is for one kit. Wide variety of other kits available. Finished mini artwork size approx’ 15x15cm. You may have some pieces leftover as there are plenty for choice.

Available separately. If you like this you may like my handmade travel sewing kit fabric wrap, which is excellent if you want to take your slow stitch work on your journey or even just for keeping it clean and safely tucked away. Available empty, or pre filled with goodies. See here

If you haven’t read my post about the benefits of slow stitching, you might like to read it here

Sari Love

Gold and purple love, Red love, Turquiose and orange love, Turquoise and pink love.

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  1. Danni Johanson

    So so beautiful. And throughly enjoyable and relaxing.

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