The Original Catnip Dolly.

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Your cats new best friend.

The cutest cat toy, very popular with my feline clients.


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They have a natural ragged edge and are made in natural unbleached cotton or calico, depending on availability.

Double stitched all around and stuffed with soft child safe wadding and a very generous helping of 100% natural catnip, in the arms, legs, tummy and head.

Stitched in either, blue, yellow, or a mix of both. This is because cats see blue and yellow particularly very well.

Two pieces of ribbon included for choice.

Approximately 13″/33cm long.

Sometimes you may see darker patches under the fabric which will be where the catnip clumps together.

Toy can become slightly discoloured due biting and drool.

You will receive one dolly chosen at random, no cat included though, sorry πŸ™‚

It is packed in a standard zip lock bag, to help keep the catnip fresh. An extra small bag of catnip included. When the nip wears off just take a pinch and rub it on the dolly to refresh.


1 review for The Original Catnip Dolly.

  1. Eloise J

    My cat Molly LOVES THIS! She keeps taking it off and hiding in her favourite spot with it. It’s so cute to watch. Thanks 😻😻

    • Samantha.

      That’s great, thanks.

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